I googled and googled some more and started implementing all the piecemeal information that i could lay my hands on - and the result was an even more overwhelmed and frustrated person since there was no visible result. And then i googled again 😊 but thankfully this time to find a professional who would hold my hand and guide me on sleep training as well as be a sounding board to listen to all i had to say.

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The impact this sleep training had on my family was for all to see and i wanted to become a sleep coach myself to help parents enjoy this awesome experience called parenting without being getting overwhelmed by insufficient sleep. I also wanted to break this popular notion of parenting comes with no sleep. I wanted to equip them with right information that they can utilize in their parenting journey instead of getting drowned in the sea of "Googled" information and get the rest they truly deserve.

I got certified from "The Cradle Coach academy, US" and began this journey of sleep consulting. Now after having helped hundreds of families, my passion to work with families has only increased.

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You can read as many books and do endless online searches, or you can choose to make a lasting impact for your family through my services.

  • We were recommended Sleep Crafters by a friend for sleep training my 18 month old boy! Meenakshi was consistent and patient and provided me all the support which finally helped me get my night’s sleep back. I highly recommend her!


  • My advice to all parents – speak to Sleep Crafters NOW! Their plans work like magic!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


  • I wish to share my heartfelt thanks to you for helping me get back my sanity - The schedule that you provided for my 7 month girl completely changed my life and I could not believe that she slept through the night within a week!

    Doris Chanu

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