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How many times have you heard, oh new parents? Be prepared for sleepless nights! What if i told you, be prepared for everything else but not for sleepless nights? Sound good right? its true! Hundreds of families with babies up to 4 years are a testimony to that. We understand your child is unique and hence we work on personalized sleep plan created specifically for your baby and your family's needs. Our carefully crafted sleep plans tap into the experience of certified sleep consultant to provide you with all the information that you need without overwhelming you..

You are not alone in your sleep struggles!

Sleep Crafters provides infant and toddler sleep consulting services. Founded by Meenakshi, an International Certified Infant And Toddler Sleep Consultant, We are an expert in helping train your child to nap better and sleep longer at night providing proper schedules, tips, techniques, do's and dont's.

Free Guide to Help your Baby Sleep Better

If your 4-18 month baby is waking multiple times in the night, grab this free guide to help the baby and YOU sleep better.

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Meet Meenakshi

Hello, I'm Meenakshi - a certified pediatric sleep consultant! My family includes my husband and our lovely daughter. Our family loves travelling, dancing and strolling together. Besides that, Abhishek and I also like our quiet time together watching movies, eating junk and going out and about with our friends.

Parenting is an overwhelming experience specially for mothers. With the arrival of the baby, the focus completely shifts from the mother who is undergoing so much - physically, emotionally and mentally - to the wellbeing of baby alone. Thus my journey as a Sleep Consultant started.

How Does It Work?
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Purchase the sleep package that best fits your needs, based on the amount of support desired.

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Once the purchase is made, you will receive an intake form to gather all the information about your child.

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As soon as we receive the intake form, we create your child's personalized sleep plan keeping in mind their personality and your parenting philosophy

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You and i get on a call to explain how to implement the sleep plan and we have regular assessment to track progress and support you along the way!

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Are you interested to know more ?

Email us to book your free 15 minutes consultation.

  • We were recommended Sleep Crafters by a friend for sleep training my 18 month old boy! Meenakshi was consistent and patient and provided me all the support which finally helped me get my night’s sleep back. I highly recommend her!


  • My advice to all parents – speak to Sleep Crafters NOW! Their plans work like magic!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


  • I wish to share my heartfelt thanks to you for helping me get back my sanity - The schedule that you provided for my 7 month girl completely changed my life and I could not believe that she slept through the night within a week!

    Doris Chanu

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