January 25th, 2021

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Your Guide to Sleep Training Twins!

Your Guide to Sleep, Training Twins!

While sleep training twins may seem like a mountain one has to struggle to conquer but with the right guidance and information backed with a vigilant eye, one can scale that mountain with ease and bring that victory dance to the bedroom.

One thing to note is that you must be doubly careful about the sleep environment to prevent any possible risks.  With that, let's now take a look at key action items to getting your twins a sound night's sleep.

Be more realistic

Just like you and I may have different personalities and routines, babies have their own way of doing things or reacting to situations that they are put in. Both your little ones may not have the same reaction to the various methods of sleep training that you may try. It will require certain trials and validations to understand your twin's natural biological cycles and preferences and that is something that every parent of twins goes through.

Track it all

It is best to keep a journal to track the sleeping hours, waking hours, feeding hours, and playtime. Taking care of twins and keeping proper track of both of them can sometimes be tough as you need to remember both their schedules and do note that it can be really different in the beginning.

Pay attention to their unique sleep signs such as stretching or rubbing eyes or any other little sign that indicates drowsiness. It is also advisable to put the baby down in his/her cot the moment he/she indicates such signs.

Keep both babies on the same schedule

This might be a hard one but you have to wake up baby B when baby A wakes up to feed at night. This not only helps the both of them sleep together at the same time but also helps you avoid unnecessary waking up all over again to feed baby B. This also promotes synchronization which helps in sleep training both your little ones.

One other way of feeding them together would be dream feeding. Dream feeding is the technique by which you feed your babies without completely waking them up. Dream feeding is done to promote feeding while also not waking up your baby. It can be done with a baby bottle or even by breastfeeding. The baby bottle technique would require you to slowly place the nib of the baby bottle in the mouth of the sleeping baby. By reflex, the baby starts sucking on it when they taste the milk or baby formula. The technique by the bottle also helps the dad bond with the little ones as he can play a bigger role in the feeding of the babies.

Divide to multiply the sleep hours

As mentioned before that the babies may have different personalities and may prefer a certain way of sleep arrangement. One way you can do that is by understanding that sometimes you need to separate both the babies and put them in two separate cot and rooms so that when one of your little ones wakes up he/she wouldn’t wake up the other baby. This is especially helpful during nap times and should be followed while sleep training babies to promote independent sleep. This also helps the babies figure out their sleep timings. 

Rise on time, get to bed on time

The importance of routines cannot be stressed enough because having an established routine not only makes your life easier but also that of your baby’s. All sleep consultants and especially we would recommend you stick to one schedule till both of your babies get in the flow of how things are done. A proper bedtime routine and a wake time routine will not only help your baby sleep and rouse in the smoothest way possible but also help in synchronizing both your baby’s sleep and wake patterns.

Using white noises only during bedtime is also a really good way to ensure that your baby realizes it is sleep time. White noise machines can be kept in the noisiest corner of your baby’s room, other sources of white noises can be the sound of a fan or the gentle sounds of the air conditioner.

While most people may think handling two babies at once would be a handful, it really isn’t when done under expert guidance. Finding ways to put your baby to sleep when done under the watchful eye of a sleep consultant, not just cuts you slack but also helps you enjoy your time with your little ones. Rubbing them down with baby oil and giving them a massage and a bath is also a very easy way to get your baby drowsy.

The initial months of sleep training twins may be slightly challenging as your little ones are going through the development period. In the midst of high running frustrations and sleepless nights, one may forget to chronicle and take in the most important parts of raising your child which is their childhood. Ultimately, it all comes down to the information and the resources you are armed with to finally get both your babies synced.

By the right way, every baby again has its own method it prefers to get itself to fall asleep. Some already know how to self soothe while others need additional help to do the same. In short, what works for your baby may not work for another baby which is where sleep trainers or consultants come in place. At Sweet Dreams Baby we have sleep experts and consultants working hard with you to figure out how to make your experience the best it can be. If you still have doubts in mind contact us for a free fifteen minutes free consultation. Say bye-bye to the double trouble of putting your twins to bed!. 

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